Medjool Palm tree

Pioneering in Medjool agriculture

Best place to find Medjool in Egypt is in Siwa as it’s the most natural place in Egypt that contain infinite number of natural resources, such as weather, soil, groundwater and fresh air doesn’t contain any pollution.

And for that, Atlas decided to make their farms in Siwa and start in the production of Medjool Dates through planting more than 100 feddans. And since there is an extremely high demand on Medjool Dates in Europe, it’s the most Expensive dates in the world, and it’s price in the market out their for the end user is from 6 to 9 dollar/kilo

Company :  Al MOna for Land Reclamation
Date :  September 18, 2017
Services :  Agriculture
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About Medjool

Medjool dates are the fruit of the Medjool cultivar of date palm trees, also known as Phoenix dactylifera(scientifically). The tree has been cultivated for a dozen of years for its sweet fruit, the date, which contains a single stone, and ranges in color from red to yellow when ripe. Medjool dates are often called the king of dates, and this is due to their global availability, and are also the “soft” variety of dates, compared to dry or semi-dry varieties. Usually dates are elongated in shape, up to 3 cm wide and 7 cm long, and often have a dehydrated appearance or wrinkled. fresh dates are available in some import stores and markets in the regions where dates grow but you can’t find it an in store.

Medjool Dates

The palm tree family has a lot of members, some are regular, and some preciously productive. And one of the most productive is the Medjool.

Medjool Palm trees produce one of the largest, sweet and succulent dates. The climate of the desert is Medjool’s spa atmosphere, that makes its fruit large and soft, with orange-yellowish flesh, and a rich pleasing flavor