Siwa Farms

Yellow to Green, Land Reclamation in Siwa

Transforming Siwa into an agricultural society has been the main purpose and goal in Al-Mona. Starting-up with 1,450 acres in the western desert of Egypt, equipped with modern tools and efficient irrigation sources and systems, Al-Mona successfully reached a stage of high-result production of crops.

Our projects go beyond reclamation only, we look forward to a sustainable society with agricultural crops, animal production and develop cultivation of new crops that were not known to be possible to plant in such location as Siwa

Company :  Al Mona for Land Reclamation Inc.
Date :  September 18, 2017
Services :  Land Reclamation and Agriculture Development
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Irrigation; Source & System

Al-Mona’s irrigation source is a deep Well that goes 1000m and feeds from a continuous and sustainable natural reservoir. The infrastructure of the main irrigation networks was constructed in most parts of the site with a length of 6 km and a diameter of 12”. It is also planned to complete the rest of the infrastructure of the irrigation network with a length of 1500m by 2019.

Research Development & Achievements

An area for agriculture research has been established to farm different fruits and test the outcome. The intention of this research is to figure out the possibility to farm these crops in such climate and soil. On the other hand, different crops such as Olives, Palm Trees & Berseem have been cultivated on more than 300 acres.